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Workshop Sign-Up How To

Creating a Login

Everyone needs a special log-in/account to sign up. If you have a log in from a previous AYCO/ACE event, you can use that! The log in for your Member Portal account will NOT work for Sched. The two sites are not linked and therefore you will need to create a new login for Sched.

You will only be able to create (or sign into an already existing) Sched log in/account starting on a specific date and time when workshop sign-in opens. Check the AYCO website to find the date and time for the event you are attending.

To create a login, simply click ‘Sign Up’ above the schedule on the Sched event page. Then fill out your email, name (make sure this is your full name you used to register so we can crosscheck and verify your registration), and password. Then you have created an account!

You do need an email address to make an account. If you do not have an email address, or you are a program leader signing youth up who do not have individual email addresses you may use a fake email address of

If you are logging in with an account that you created for a previous event – simply click “Log In” and insert your info.

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We suggest that once the tentative workshop schedule is released for view,  you make a list with your first, second, and third choices for each workshops slot. This will ensure you are prepared on sign up day to get the workshops you want when sign up opens – sometimes things fill up quickly and this will allow you to select your second choice swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a workshop?

Hover over the title of the workshop you would like to sign up for and click the circle next to it. A check will appear in the circle and the other workshops in that session will become a lighter color. Workshops you are attending have a black check in a circle to the left of the color coded title. If you have not signed up for the workshop the circle will be plain white.

How do I see my schedule?

At the top right corner of the page on your picture or avatar there is a down arrow, click on that and a pull down menu that says My Sched will appear. Click on My Sched and it will show you the workshops you have already signed up for.

How do I remove a workshop I already signed up for?

Go to My Sched (directions above in how to see my schedule) and click on the workshop you would like to remove. Click the “remove from my sched” button. This will remove you from the workshop. You can also remove yourself from a workshop on the main schedule by clicking the “remove from my sched” button. Make sure you have actually been removed from the workshop by going to My Sched and making sure it does not appear there. You can also check by the star on the workshop title. Workshops you are attending have a black star to the left of the color coded title. If you have not signed up for the workshop the star will be white.

How do I know which workshops have limits?

Workshops with limits will have a label of “limited” in the workshop title. This means there are only a certain number of spots available. When the workshop is 75% full the label will change to “filling,” this means it is time to sign up for this workshop if it is one you really want to take. Workshops that have hit capacity will be marked as “full”.

A workshop if full, but I still want to take it. What do I do?

Many workshops are offered twice. Check and see if the workshop is offered at a different time – there may be space available there.

There are no waitlists. If there is a workshop you want to be in, you will have to wait and check back to see if for a slot opens up. In the meantime, we recommend that you sign up for an alternative choice so that if a slot does not open, you will still be in a workshop for that time.

What do the colors mean?

Each color represents a workshop category. You will be able to view all corresponding color categories on the right-hand side of the page (for example: acrobatic, aerial, etc). If you click on the category on the right hand side of the page it will take you to all of the workshops in the category for the entire festival.

Where can I find the pre-requisites for a workshop?

You will find the pre-requisites for each workshop by clicking on the specific workshop you would like to see and reading the workshop description. Please be mindful of the level listed for each workshop. The workshop leaders have specifically chosen the level and expect the participants to meet the pre-requisites listed to ensure a safe and productive workshop for all.

How do I see information about workshop leaders?

On the main page under the main picture, click on workshop leaders. You can scroll through the page to find the person you want to learn more about. You can also go to a workshop the person is leading and the workshop leader’s bio will be there as well.

Can I make it so no one can see my profile?

Absolutely! If you do not want anyone to be able to see your profile or picture all you have to do is go to Settings (see instructions in how to make a profile) and click “hide my profile & schedule so nobody will be able to meet me.”

Sched Navigation

You will find three tabs on the Sched event site: Schedule, Workshop leaders, and Attendees.

Schedule: you can use this button to explore the schedule in four different ways. Simple view will allow you to see the entire schedule. Expanded view shows all of the workshops with their descriptions and workshop leader bios. Grid view depicts all of the workshops in a chart/grid. This is a more visual way to look at the schedule. Venue view shows all of the workshops by their locations.

Workshop Leaders: Click on this and you will see all of the workshop leaders who will be attending the festival. You can explore their bios by clicking on their name/picture.

Attendees: This shows all of the people who will be attending the festival. You can get to know your fellow circus friends before you even get to the festival!

On the right hand side of the page you will find many workshop categories that you can explore:

Color coded categories: Each color represents a workshop category (for example: acrobatic, aerial, etc). If you click on the category it will take you to all of the workshops in that category for the entire festival.

Skill level: You can view the workshops based on which skill level they are.

Age level: Workshops will be labeled as Youth only (21 and under), Adult only (21 and over) or all ages.

Still have questions about how it all works? Email!