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The American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The American Circus Educators Association (ACE) is a branch of AYCO.


To promote the participation of youth in circus arts and support circus educators.


+ AYCO/ACE provides proactive support for the development of the circus arts education sector.
+ The power of circus arts to heal trauma, build community and develop individuals is widely understood, and circus arts are extensively employed in therapeutic settings and to address social challenges.
+ Funders recognize circus arts as a tool for youth development and invest in its advancement.
+ Circus arts play a significant role in physical and arts education in schools.
+ Capable circus arts professionals are available to meet industry demands and command respect and fair compensation.
+ The culture of safety in circus arts is developed and supported.
+ Circus educators and organizations are connected, engaged, and linked to resources and institutions that can help them pursue excellence in circus education.
+ Youth circus participants are connected, engaged, and linked to resources and institutions that can help them pursue their chosen pathway in circus.


The AYCO/ACE community holds these values in making circus education a space where all are welcome and safe:

Safety – We affirm that physical, socio-emotional, and psychological safety are rights of everyone in our community.

Inclusion – We pledge to amplify and cultivate diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and identities in pursuit of equity.

Collaboration – We foster cooperation through clear communication, and collective action, to strengthen our interconnected community.

Fun – We delight in the joy of play, and in the creation of open minds, expressive bodies, and vibrant souls through circus arts.