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Scheduling Update – AYCO 2019 (7/28/19)

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Hello AYCOfest 2019 attendees! 

We want to update you on the AYCO scheduling process. First, some exciting news – we are adding a 4th workshop session on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, primarily intended for people who do not have full schedules! We have also added as many more workshops as space allows to other sessions.

We will be opening up the Sched for signup in rounds, to ensure that those with few workshops get priority. You will be receiving a separate email to the email address you used for Sched indicating which round you are in. During the first 2 rounds, the schedule will not be publicly visible. 

  • Round 1 (Friday Aug 2, 11:30am PST – Sunday Aug 4, 12pm PST): All youth participants currently registered for under 7 workshops will be allowed to log into the system and register for more workshops. 
  • Round 2 (Monday Aug 5, 11:30am PST – Wednesday Aug 7, 12pm PST): All youth participants registered for under 10 workshops will be allowed to log in and sign up for the 4th workshop slot on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Round 3 (Thursday, Aug 8, 11:30am PST): The schedule will be fully opened to all.

–If you already have a full schedule (3 workshops/day), and you want to take a remaining space in a workshop in the 4th session, we ask that you withdraw from another workshop that day. We ask that no one is signed up for more than 3 workshops/day.

–We also ask that adult attendees look closely at the workshops you are signed up for, and consider withdrawing yourself from physical workshops to allow a youth the chance to participate. Adults are allowed to audit, meaning observe and listen to physical workshops without registering for a spot. This is expected and encouraged, as many adult attendees are coaches, teachers, and trainers who are interested in how skills in workshops are being taught for the youth!

This year’s AYCOfest has been an astonishingly strong and popular year. We have a record number of registrants, including an unprecedented number of registered adult attendees. We have filled every nook and cranny of the San Diego Circus Center building and expanded to other local venues, including a dance studio, a yoga studio, and a cheer gym on the same block. We deeply appreciate the contributions of workshop leaders, especially those who have stepped up recently to offer more and additional workshops!

AYCOfest is unique in that it is an opportunity to bring together the youth circus community physically – and it is impressive and telling that there is barely enough room to fit us all. These kinds of growing pains express the resilience and strength of our far-reaching family. We know that connections made and strengthened at the festival will be what we take home with us. We are strongest together, and in not too long we will actually all get to be together!

Yours in the spirit of circus,

Tara Jacob, AYCO/ACE Interim Executive Director,
Natasha Shatzkin, AYCOfest 2019 Festival Director,