Breakfast @ Trenton Circus Squad 8/17-8/20:  $30 per person

Join us for a cold breakfast buffet on site at the Trenton Circus Squad.  Items will include cereal, fruit, yogurt, bagels, etc.  Coffee, tea, milk, and juice will be served.

*Note: our official festival hotel deal does not include breakfast, although they do have breakfast service for an additional fee. We are offering breakfast on site as a cheaper alternative to the hotel breakfast*

Chaperone assistance: $150 per person

Provides a chaperone for the hours of 8:30am-7pm on 8/17-8/19, and from 8:30 -1pm on 8/20. Does not include 8/16 for check in, dinner, and opening ceremonies.

How it works: All youth under the age of 18 must have a chaperone on site with them at the festival venue at all times.  Available for youth ages 8-17, this option is intended for local working guardians or adults wishing to do other activities while their child is at the festival.

Your child will be paired with an adult (21 or over) who will be their chaperone for each day. They will greet your child at 8:30 am, and check in with them during each transition, meal, and activity through 7pm. Chaperones will not be with your child at every moment (they will not sit and watch them take their workshops), however they will be in the festival facility at all times, arrange check in points, and ensure that your child knows where to find them in case they need assistance.

Chaperone assistance concludes at 7pm each evening, at which case a guardian must come to pick up or join their youth for evening events (at no extra fee).


  • We are not able to offer Chaperone Assistance for single days.
  •  If your child is performing in the showcase, their assigned Chaperone Assistant will not be qualified to spot and supervise their act. A parent, guardian, or coach must be prepared to do this and available during their rehearsal and performance times (our showcase director will work with you to arrange this).
  • There is NO overnight care provided. Everyone must be picked up by 7pm, or join up with a guardian at that time.
  • We can not provide chaperones for youth under the age of 8.
  • Does not include 8/16 for check in, dinner, and opening ceremonies (guardians are welcome to accompany youth the first evening at no extra charge).