Hey! We are the American Youth Circus Organization’s Hup Squad –  a group of circus obsessed teens from around the USA. We are instigators of circus in our local communities and national youth circus ambassadors. Our blog is filled with exclusive interviews, reviews of circus shows, circus history, and more – all authored by us.

In circus, ‘Hup!’ is the word we use to indicate that we are ready, that it’s time to go, to do the trick. It’s a mode of communication and a piece of culture that is present all over the world in circus.  With this blog we aspire to connect and activate our youth community!

Interested in joining us? We are open for applications at the beginning of each calendar year. Applicants are required to be 13-18 years old and a current American Youth Circus Organization member! Sign up here for the AYCOgram, our monthly circus newsletter for youth, so you’ll know when this year’s exact application dates are announced. And you can become a member of the American Youth Circus Organization here!

And with that … Hup!

-The AYCO Hup Squad

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