By Jocelyn Bridges

We know that the internet can be very beneficial for many things: publicity, getting discovered, making friends/connecting with people, and widening your knowledge. But, what about the downsides? For example, getting publicity from unwanted people, viruses, and other potential dangers are all problematic. Here are 3 ways to protect yourself from these unwanted problems.

1. Password protected – As technology progresses and gets more advanced, so do hackers and scammers. Do not share your passwords with anyone (not even your friends)! Make sure you have hard enough passwords that no one can guess but also not so hard that you will forget them. 

2. Be nice! – Treating people the way you want to be treated isn’t just the Golden Rule, it’s true and important to remember. Annoying, rude, and hateful people have higher chances of getting attacked for their behaviors anyway. If someone is annoying you, just block them! You don’t have to put up with them, engaging in bad behavior just gives them satisfaction. If it does get really bad, make sure to tell a trusted adult or friend.

3. What’s their motive? – All of the social media compliments and love can definitely feel flattering. However, it’s important to ask yourself,  “Do they truly like me and find me impressive, or do they have other intentions?” Having a huge fan base of supportive people who find you and your talents “impressive” is not always ideal. Not all the likes, comments, and follows are from the kind of fans you want to have.

I hope this was helpful and gave you some more ways to be safe on the internet. Good luck as you continue on your circus journey!