By Olivia Egerstedt

Instagram is a great place to get inspiration for tricks you want to learn with your aerial coach, performance style ideas, and places you might want to train when you have the opportunity. I want to share some of my favorite aerial Instagram accounts. I chose these circus performers due to their diversity of equipment, advocating of safety, and creative and unique content and skills that I believe set them apart from others you may see online.

  • Dan Saab (@dan_saab) 

Dan Sabb is a Las Vegas-based performer and coach specializing in hammock and lyra. He is known for his dynamic movements and exciting performance style. He creates fun engaging content that is unique to him.

  • Matthew Casey (

Matthew Casey is a lyra, trapeze, straps, and hammock performer and teacher based out of Las Vegas he’s known for his fast spins and dynamic sequences. He uses his platform to show his progress as well as his amazing and fast sequences.

  • Zoë Isadora (@moodystreetcircuskid)

Zoë Isadora is a 3rd generation circus performer based at her family gym in Massachusetts. She is best known for her slow, controlled movements and beautiful lines. She trains, performs, and teaches on silks, straps, lyra, and rope.

  • Aerial physique (@aeralphysique)

Though not a specific person, Aerial Physique is a studio site that advocates for safe practice and good technique. On their Instagram, they demonstrate progressions and skills to promote safety and help teach, as well as feature aerialists from around the world.

  • Camille Swift (@femme_fenix)

Camille Swift is an aerialist based in Chicago and specializing in trapeze and hammock. She is a teacher and performer who focuses on the importance of conditioning and technique. She is best known for her unique acts and interesting sequences.

  • Shannon McKenna (@the_artist_athlete)

Shannon McKenna is a silks performer and coach based in Georgia. She uses her social media to advocate for safe aerial practices. She emphasizes body positivity and the growth of strength within the aerial community. She creates unique and challenging sequences and demonstrates good conditioning and stretching practices that everyone can do.

  • Izzi Kessner (@cirquessner)

Izzi Kessner is a teen performer and instructor based in Los Angeles and specializes in straps, lyra, and rope. They create fun and engaging content and use their platform to help advocate for the rights of young LGBTQ+ individuals. 

  • Sarah Romanowski (@sarahromanowsky)

Sarah Romanowski is a performer and coach as well as a former Cirque du Solie performer. She specializes in silks, lyra, hammock and rope. She is known for her clean lines, beautiful choreography, and great technique. 

  • Audrey (@aerial.audball) 

Audrey is a lyra performer based out of Texas. She is known for her slow controlled movements and interesting unique sequences. She has clean videos that show a diversity of lyra skills.

  • Grace Good (@gracegood)

Grace Good is a self-taught circus performer skilled in many circus skills. She is known for her amazing and unique use of hoops, fire, and ball as well as amazing costumes. She travels, creating unique and fun content and performing in a variety of events. 

Instagram is a great place for inspiration and making connections in the aerial community. But it’s important to know your level of skill and to always train with safety in mind. Check with your trainer before trying new tricks. And if you do get inspiration from a performer you see on Instagram, or train with in real life, it’s always nice to tag and credit them if you post the trick or choreography online.